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Cadarache is one of the most important technological research and development centers for energy in Europe

Its activities, distributed throughout various research platforms, focus on nuclear fission, nuclear fusion, new energy technologies (hydrogen, solar, biomass) and fundamental research in the field of vegetal biology.
Acting as backup to the centre, there is also a whole platform of services organised to ensure safety on the site, the management of nuclear waste and both environmental and health monitoring.
Cadarache is one of the 10 research centres of the French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission (CEA). Half of the basic nuclear facilities existing within the CEA infrastructure are located on the Cadarache site.

How to get to the CEA Cadarache Research Centre

The site

  • 1 600 ha with 900 enclosed
  • 480 buildings 19 of which are Basic Nuclear Facilities
  • Approximately 4 500 employees (ITER not included)
  • 2 150 CEA employees
  • 1 000 AREVA Group and IRSN
  • 1 000 permanent employees from subcontracting firms
  • 350 temporary collaborators (PHD students, French and foreign collaborators)
Special issue "Innovate for sustainable nuclear" from CEA NEWS, the international publication of the French Atomic Energy and Alternative Energies Commission

Summary :
  • Astrid, An Option for The Fourth Generation
  • Nuclear Fuel Makes The Rounds
  • Materials Made to Last
  • Well-Equipped Research
  • Dismantling: Legacy of The Past, Prospects for The Future
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Some news in relation with CEA Cadarache in 2013 (extracts from CEA News Magazine n°25 & 26, Summer & autumn 2013)

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Cadarache center's leaflet

and some facilities leaflets

The Solar Platform at Cadarache
The Cadarache Bioenergies Platform
WEST tokamak (TORE-SUPRA modified for ITER)
CEDRA facilities : Conditioning and Storage of Radioactive Waste

The Jules Horowitz Reactor (JHR)

LECA-STAR Fuel examination and reconditioning